Our skilled engineers are ready and waiting to jump into work on your project at any time. That way, if you need a crane part, we can deliver it whenever you need it without having to wait for it to be in stock.


Our team designs and fabricates custom cabs to fit all of your needs as part of the overhead cranes options package.  

Customizable features: 

  • Cab Movements 
  • Fixed 
  • Independent Traveling Cab 
  • Cab Mounted on Trolley 
  • Number of Windows, Positioning of Windows, Window Tinting 
  • Type of Glass Used for Windows 
  • Air Conditioning (through the wall or split type) 
  • Type of Chair Included in the Cab 
  • Controls (Joystick, Radio, Pendant) 
  • Safety Devices 
  • Emergency Descent 
  • Horns/Sirens/Lights 
  • Monitoring Equipment 
Yellow Zenar crane cab for assembly

Transfer Carts

We’re committed to providing superior material-handling solutions for every application. All of our transfer carts are engineered per customer specifications and manufactured in-house and can include radio, manual, or passenger controls. 

Zenar crane transfer cart

Electrical Components

When it comes to electrical components, we work tirelessly to make sure you receive high-quality, maintenance-friendly designs in every product you order.

  • Designs follow CMAA 70, NFPA 70 for electric overhead traveling cranes. 
  • Control panels are designed around the UL508A standard and are built in-house. 
  • Individual systems of the crane are tested for functionality and quality. The crane is then completely assembled on the plant floor for final inspection and testing. 
  • Traveling festoons are designed and built at Zenar to give greater flexibility for customer specifications. 
  • Custom cabinet and electrical house design designed for climate moderated control solutions.


Electrical components for Zenar cranes


No matter what you’re lifting, we build hoists to get the job done. We offer: 

  • HD Hoist: Our most heavy-duty hoist unit, used in situations where there is going to be heavy to severe service. 
  • HL Hoist: A maintenance-friendly version of the HI hoist unit used to assist in jobs where there is moderate to heavy service.  
  • HI Hoists: Our low-duty, light-service, and low-profile hoist used in facilities where there is not a lot of headroom above the crane. 
Zenar overhead hoist part

Below-the-Hook Devices

With each and every below-the-hook device, you’re getting an unrivaled attention to detail to ensure your crane is made right. Our devices: 

  • C-Hooks 
  • Lifting Beams 
  • Telescoping Coil Grabs 
Zenar below-the-hook device

Reverse Engineering

If your crane requires older, out-of-stock parts, we have the ability to remanufacture them using blueprints or the existing parts themselves. This includes:  Bridge & Trolley Wheel Assemblies  Gear Reducers  Below-the-Hook Devices Hoist Drums (Rescore or New)

Our Process

Our process is designed and crafted to take on any of your needs, making sure you get a custom crane solution that fits your project like no other. We want your voice to be heard when we build every component and won’t stop working until the quality of the finished product is unrivaled. 
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Zenar worker heating metal for crane parts
Zenar employee polishing American-made crane part

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